American Justice Foundation®

American Justice Foundation® is a Non-Profit Trust created to preserve our God-given rights through Public Legal Education.

You and your children need to understand why The Declaration of Independence states your "rights" are not granted by government but are endowed by our Creator and why they are "unalienable", i.e., cannot be sold or taken from you.

American Justice Foundation® teaches you and your children the fundamental principles of Justice and how to use the rules of court to secure justice and liberty for yourselves and future generations.

We create educational materials for every school grade level and need to hire more staff, expand office space, and reach everyone through every media to promote our Public Legal Education Agenda - PLEA®

The Foundation's mission is stated in our Declaration of Trust filed 21 November 2008 in the Official Public Records of Martin County, Florida at Record Book 2361, Page 459.

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Promote Public Legal Education

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